Cowlicks & Pigtails Child Care Center -                   We are not just a daycare,
Our Wonderful Staff include.....................
Miss Kim-Director
Miss Kim has been with our family since 2006. She works very closely with Miss Erica running the child care center in all the classrooms and in the office. She opens the daycare everyday with a smile and ready to watch the children explore the world around them. Miss Kim has taken all of her Early Education classes at Massasoit. Miss Kim has dedicated over 25 years working with children and their families. Each and every family has a unique relationship with Miss Kim.

Miss Cheryl-Lead Preschool Teacher
Miss Cheryl graduated from University of Massachusetts, Amherst, with a bachelors degree in education. She has been working with children for more than 30 years. Miss Cheryl has been with our company for 10 years. She loves to  watch children grow socially, emotionally and academically.  Knowing that she has the ability to set children on the right track is extremely rewarding for her as an educator. She believes that the role of a teacher goes beyond the academics. It should include the ability to laugh, comfort and build self esteem for  each child. She appreciates the opportunity to provide some impact in the growth and development of each child in her classroom.

 Miss Kelly- Teacher & Supervisor
Miss Kelly has joined my staff back in 2007. She started out as an aide and fell in love with the job. She loves the children as if they are her own. She takes pride in her classroom and it shows. Working hand in hand with parents is the key to a positive daycare experience. Kelly adopted two little children and recently had a little girl.  
"Working with children is not my job, it's my life and I love it"
She also loves the fact she that we are not just a daycare, we are a family!
Miss Lisa-Preschool aide
Miss Lisa works in our younger preschool room. She loves to potty train children. She is a mother of 3 boys.  Miss Lisa's smile will brighten anyone's day and the children just adore her! Miss Lisa has done such a wonderful job here and we are lucky to have her.
 Miss Isabel - Preschool Director & Teacher
 Miss Isabel has been in the field of child care for over 18 years. She is the younger preschool teacher and also the Director our preschoolers. Miss Isabel takes great pride in her preschool team while running her own classroom. She loves to teach and see the children meet all their milestones while having fun. Miss Isabel's best quality is her arts & crafts. The children look to Miss Isabel as a grandmother type which is part of our motto, " we aren't just a daycare, we are a family!
Miss Angela -Toddler Aide

Miss Angela has been with our family for 7 years, since 2008. Angela is an aide in the toddler room. She loves all ages and has worked with all different age groups.  
Miss Tina - Preschool Teacher

Miss Tina has been with us since September 2013. She is one of our of preschool teachers. She has had lots of experience working with children of all ages.
Miss Tina also brings her experience with Head Start to her classroom. She loves to interact with the children through music and games.

Miss Jess- Toddler Teacher & Supervisor
Miss Jess started in 2011. She is our Toddler teacher and has a great bond with each and every child.She is in the process of acquiring her bachelors degree in Early Childhood Education. Miss Jess loves being a part of our daycare family!
Miss Sydney-Infant Teacher
Miss Sydney has been with us 2013. She works in our private infant room. She attends Massasoit College to further her interest in Early childhood.

 Miss Carolyn- Preschool-aide
Miss Carolyn is 22 year old dedicated mother to her daughter and a wonderful employee to our daycare. She attends classes to further her knowledge in the field working with children.

 Miss Marie-Floater
Miss Marie works in all of our rooms. She says her job in life is to make people smile. She accomplishes that daily! She also attends college to further her degree.

Miss Victoria-Infant aide
Miss Victoria has been with our daycare for over 4 years. Miss Victoria grew up in a family run child care business and it sure comes naturally to her!

Miss Lily- Waddler Teacher  
Miss lily recently had her first child. Her love and dedication to our center amazes me daily. When she returns to work from maternity leave she will be able to bring her daughter to work. Miss Lily brings so much love to our center.
Miss Amanda- Waddler Teacher  

Miss Amanda enjoys watching each children grow each day and has recently joined our family. We love her already. She attends college to obtain her Bachelors in Eraly Education.