Cowlicks & Pigtails Child Care Center -                   We are not just a daycare,

At Cowlicks and Pigtails Child Care Center, we believe that play facilitates learning. Play clarifies concepts, provides emotional relief and creates delight. Through a hands-on approach, children will be encouraged to participate in a variety of learning experiences that will instill the desire to form their own decisions and learn through open-ended as well as structured activities. Our teachers will further seek to develop each child’s intellectual curiosity, sharing skills; their thoughts and feelings, small and large gross motor skills as well as independent play, all at each child’s developmental stage.
Cowlicks and Pigtails believe that parent input is vitally important to their child’s growth and development within the Center. We encourage an open door policy with our parents so that they may share in their child’s experience, not only through attending parent meetings and open houses, but also through sharing cultural backgrounds and providing support to the center as a whole. We value the diversity that can be found in all of our families, and actively seek to translate this into lasting educational gains for your child.

Statement of Purpose

We offer full day, programs for infants, toddlers and preschool children. We offer before and after school care up to first and second grade. We also will provide care for holidays and school vacations and summer for school age children, if space is available. We offer childcare for children of all ethnic and economic backgrounds. We offer a year round program, with select holidays.
At Cowlicks and Pigtails Child Care Center, we believe childhood is a time like no other. It’s a time for exploring, for creating, for discovering about the world around them and learning about oneself. It’s a time to learn, to blossom, a time to be cherished and a time to be accepted. Most importantly, it is a time to be a child.
We believe that each child that comes into our center is a unique person with an individual personality. Learning style and ethnic background. In order for a child to grow, they need to have a positive self- image, self-esteem and guidance. We will offer that guidance for all children in our care, and promote a positive self-image and self esteem. We will foster social, emotional, cognitive, and physical needs of each child by offering challenging play, where a child will learn by being an active participant.
We offer group and individually centered activities, which will stimulate the child’s natural curiosity about the world around them, increasing creativity and their desire to learn, while offering choices and validating them as people in their decisions.
We believe parents are the most important adults in a child’s life. We will work to create a mutual respect between parents and teachers. A partnership to benefit the child. When parents and teachers work together to provide a loving, consistent environment children will develop a feeling of security and self- confidence.

Cowlicks and Pigtails provides a program that supports the growth of the whole child. We offer age-appropriate challenges and objectives for children from 2 months to age 7 (until their 8th birthday- a child enrolled who turns 8 during the school year can remain enrolled up until the last day of the school year per Bridgewater’s public school calendar). With positive encouragement, we promote active learning. This allows children to make their own choices, helping them to understand themselves and the world around them.