Cowlicks & Pigtails Child Care Center -                   We are not just a daycare,
Miss Erica has been a part of my family's life for over 10 years now.  I could not imagine my children having been any place else!   Her daycare has such a warm, loving and teaching environment - I strongly recommend it to everyone!!   
Kim E, West Bridgewater, MA
My kids have been going there for about 3 years. My 2yr old has a brain malfunction and is disabled. They took her into the daycare and treat her like thier own. I would never ever let any other daycare take care of her! The reason why she can do so much is because of this daycare. Miss Kelly (which we all call her second mom) loves her more than anything. The daycare is considered "our famiyl"
Liz from Easton:)
~Cowlicks and Pigtails has been like a family to my daughter since she started going almost 1 year ago. I know that when she is there that she is safe and is very well taken care of...there is never a need for me to worry! She has made lots of new friends and has built many positive relationships.
Andrea M, West Bridgewater
"My 3 year old son loves attending Cowlicks & Pigtails.  He has been there since he was 4 months old, and truly looks forward to the days he goes to daycare and sees his friends (as he calls them).  It is a joy to watch and a huge stress relief as a working mother to know that my child is happy and in great hands while I am at work."
-Andrea M. from Easton Mass
Miss Erica provided care for my 13 year old when she was a toddler.
She still continues to be part of our lives through her care of her daycare students.
I refer family and friends to Cowlicks and Pigtails because I know with Miss Erica the children would be loved and cared for as if they were her own.
Kareema T.
Brockton, MA
My son has been going to Cowlicks & Pigtails for the past 2 years now. The people working there are caring, loving & trustworthy. My son enjoys going there & they have taught him so much! It is such a wonderful daycare and I wouldn't have it any other way!
Sabrina A Brockton
“We had some apprehensions about moving our children from a small home-based daycare center to a larger daycare center. However, it did not take long to realize we had made a very good decision. Miss Erica and her staff provided a very warm and loving atmosphere for our kids. The kids loved going to Cowlicks and Pigtails and adore Miss Erica.”
Lori from Easton
Cowlicks and Pigtails is the best child care center I have ever experienced. Putting my son in daycare was scary because my oldest daughter went through 2 different daycares when she was little. I didn't want past experiences to come and haunt me. Once I met the teachers and took a tour of their facility I became comfortable. Miss Erica and the staff are completely adored by my son and family and we would highly recommend every parent and child to experience Cowlicks and Pigtails Child Care Center.

- Lisa D. Brockton, MA
"After using a family child care program for several years, I decided to enroll my boys (4 and 2) at Cowlicks and Pigtails.  I did have some initial reservations, worried that my boys might get lost in the shuffle in such large groups.  I am happy to say that the effect has been quite the opposite.  My only regret is not having switched them sooner!
From the very first day they attended, my children have been growing - socially, emotionally and intellectuality.  My shy, reserved little boys have blossomed into confident, outgoing, polite children who loved to talk about all the fun things they learn each day.  They wake up everyday, excited to go to school - even on the WEEKENDS!
The staff at Cowlicks and Pigtails truly goes above and beyond to make each of the kids (and their families) feel comfortable and included.  I never thought I would see the day that my clingy baby would JUMP out of my arms into a teacher's and happily wave goodbye to me!  the atmosphere provided by Erica & Co is incomparable to any other program I have seen.  From day one, we have felt like we were "Part of the Family"  A very big, very happy family, licky to have Erica and Cowlicks and Pigtails to bring us all together."
Shannon Miller, Taunton
Miss Erica is the best thing that has happened to my son development. Since attending he's much less shy, and more articulate. The family atmosphere is great. A few members of my family have also attended, WE LOVE COWLICKS & PIGTAILS:)
Mr. Cotton Brockton
My Daughter loves going to Cowlicks & Pigtails. From the very start we felt welcomed with open arms.
Riley's mommy:)
When I adopted my two children, I wanted to give them the best daycare. I enrolled them into Cowlicks & Pigtails! They treat my two children like family.My children can't wait to see the teachers and kids.
Cowlicks & Pigtails will be our family forever!
Kelly M of Mansfield:)